Thursday, November 8, 2007

Other ways you can help us

Apart from regular financial contributions, you can also help us in the following ways:
-We are in need of volunteers to oversee the feeding of dogs, etc.

-Our vets resigned and we hired another one last week, but he has not been regular. If any of you have any contacts of good vets, do inform us.

-You could also contribute:
1. utensils to cook rice, etc for the dogs
2. pressure cooker
3. old newspaper
4. buckets (steel, preferably)
5. ladles to serve food
6. small cupboard to store medicines
7. second hand freezer to store meat
8. brooms
9. knives
11.plastic sacks to store garbage
12.soap: dettol, rin
13.first aid
14.mosquito coils
15.notebooks/registers for accounts at the shelter

1 comment:

amit said...

Congratulations on getting such an excellent article on Anand Chhaaya into the press.

Personally I know I am ging to do my best to help out as Anand Chaayya is doing something that I always dreamt of.

I am sure that you folks would have your hands full fielding calls from concerned citizens. Once anyone of you is free please do email me at amit.meh(at rate of) and I can help in making Anand Chaayya a self sustaining organization and probably contribute a little cash