Monday, October 15, 2007

Sponsor a Day's food-Sunday Again!

Jellicle, kickstarted the sponsor food a day scheme. Ysterday's food at the shelter was sponsored by Jellicle. Puppies had milk spiked with complan as their first meal and adults had nutripet. The second meal was rice and meat for adult dogs and puppy food for the pups. It just cost Jellicle 1500 and the waggy tails happily finished their meals off. Pictures to follow.
You can do that to celebrate your birthday or your pet's :) or can decide to make any day special for these lovely dogs and pups. You can make the food more nutritous and interesting by asking us to add to the menu/recipe.
Sunday's meal is being sponsored by a lady. She has asked us to provide ragi, milk and water broth in the morning and rice, curd and eggs for the second meal. Puppies will get milk and complan in their morning feed and same meal as adult dogs in the afternoon. It might cost her a little more.
Will post about it! You are welcome to come over and supervise the food preparation and serving time and be a part of this happy day!

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Please post the pics :)