Thursday, October 11, 2007

Directions to the shelter from Mekri Circle / Palace Road / Windsor Manor Bridge

On passing under the Windsor Manor Bridge, drive on Palace Road towards Mekri Circle / Hebbal / Yelahanka.

The second traffic signal is your landmark. You will see notice that the road goes two ways; left towards Sadashivnagar and straight which leads onto the Mekri Circe/Hebbal/Yelahanka road.

Stay on the straight road. Drive for 4 kms.
You will now see a fly-over in front of you. Drive onto the flyover.
Take the 2nd exit or 2nd left-wing of the fly over which says "TOWARDS KOLAR" .This should be within your 1st km.
Once you take this exit or left-wing, drive for 5 kms.
Landmarks within these 5 kms are:

This road will direct you right and once off the fly-over , you will be on the Ring Road.

. You will see a huge lake on your left
.You will now approach a traffic signal.
.You will now pass a petrol pump on your left
.the bio-tech park on your left
.You will approach a second traffic signal

Drive onwards till you come to the third traffic signal. This is the HENNUR JUNCTION or HENNUR ROAD INTERESECTION . Turn left at this junction .
You are now on the Hennur Main Road.
Drive for 4 kilometers. You will come to a traffic signal
This is still the Hennur Main Road.
-Drive straight for about 4.5 kms.
-You should pass the Hennur Petrol pump on your left,
-the Hennur Police station on your left,
-a stone quarry on your right,
-you will go under a railway track,
-pass Mantri Splendor apartments on your left,
-the board or Bangalore International School will be seen on your right,
-St.Michalels school on your left.

-1/4 km ahead of St.Michaels school , on your right hand side you will find a lot of shops and soon next to the shops a right turn with a big temple archway. This place is called BYRATHI Cross.

At this cross ,you will see boards like Ferns, Bits Club,Vistar ,Ramanjaneya Kalyana Mandapam.

Turn right here. Drive for a quarter km. or one minute. The road now has three direction. Take the extreme right road.
Drive another minute. You will pass the Kalayana
Mantapa on your left and soon after this is Anandchhaaya on the right.